From the Field

by Ryan Fair  2/11/2024

Every year as the calendar inches closer to spring many outdoorsmen are busting at the seams to head to the woods. We have been couped up inside since the end of deer season resting up for all the spring has to offer. Here at Working Class Hunter, we have a laundry list of thigs to do, shed hunting, chasing the first fish of the year, and of course hunting long beards. While all that is fun there are still some whitetail chores that need to be done this time of year and at the top of that list is getting out our spring mineral sites. We like to get our Trophy Rock mineral sites out as early as possible so the whitetail can reap all the benefits they have to offer. Let’s cover some of the main reasons you should put a mineral site out as well. 

Using Scents should be a part of every whitetail hunters strategy, especially if you are a bowhunter. Getting that trophy buck within bow range can be tricky and you need every advantage possible if you hope to consistently harvest mature whitetails. The use of scents is one of those strategies that can tip the scale in your favor. As with every strategy, sometimes they work better in combination with other strategies. I want to talk about my overall scent strategy starting at the beginning of the season all the way to the end.

The Learn more details about the importance of wildlife foot plot here.importance of planning wildlife plots cannot be over emphasized. Careful planning can be the difference between successful plantings that provide quality nutrition and survival to wildlife in comparison to plots that offer very little or no benefit. Maximum production is not the top priority of food plots; therefore, variety selection is not critical. What is very important, however, is proper fertilization and weed control. The presence of some weeds actually benefits wildlife by providing additional cover and food, but too many weeds create excessive competition.

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The season is fast approaching and the Working Class Hunter crew is hard at work getting treestands hung, shooting lanes trimmed and getting those fall plots in.  As always, finding time is a challenge but we are dedicated to our craft.  Trail cams are starting to tell us the story, and those of us that have been lucky enough to identify a target buck have started to put together a game plan. 

With the season fast approaching, always remember Safety is First. We all wanna come back home to our wives, husbands and children. We owe that to them to come home safely from a day in the outdoors.